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Open Spaces & Infrastructure

We understand the important impact of green open spaces. Delivering environmental, social, health and economic benefits, open spaces and infrastructure can be used as a community resource providing recreational benefits, aiding social cohesion, improving quality of life and increasing property values. The planting of various trees, plants and shrubs additionally encourages various wildlife to the areas.

Meadow flowers


Sustainable areas of natural green space are important to many projects, with our extensive experience in the planning, consultancy, implementation and construction the SANGS areas will be enjoyed by generations to come.

Big Playing Field

Recreational Spaces and play areas

Increasingly being included in developments as they are a fantastic way to encourage physical well-being, and by potential occupiers as an attractive benefit, we are experienced in the installation of recreational and play areas.


Semi Mature tree planting

We work with suppliers both in the UK and Europe to supply the finest quality trees. We have first-hand experience in delivering ‘super’ trees to sites including working closely with supplies and logistics teams to ensure the trees arrive in a healthy condition and ready to thrive.

Guarantee & Maintain

At Archway green we recognise the importance of presentation and high standards of maintenance on-going. To ensure we maximise the customers first impressions of your development, Archway Green has developed a unique method in the industry and are offering a 12 month guarantee. This guarantee offers complete peace of mind, we will maintain the landscapes ensuring that the presentation and aesthetics of your development are maximised.

If a maintenance contract is taken out with Archway Green we will guarantee all workmanship, including the planting of trees, plants, shrubs, turf and bulbs against defects for a period of 12 months on the completion of plots, phases and packages.

Be it an area where the turf is deteriorated, perhaps the edge of a path or an odd plant that fails due to reasons other than stated in our Terms & Conditions, Archway Green will replace or rectify free of charge.

Working with Archway Green will provide you with the peace of mind that your project has been delivered according to your expectations, our aim is to be the landscaper of choice and to “Put The Stripes Back In The Lawn”, bringing the highest quality of workmanship and finish to each and every project.


Horticultural Consultancy

Horticultural Consultancy

Bringing in our "Hands On" horticultural experience from our Nursery in Ockham, through many years of selecting, handling and planting of trees, shrubs and perennials, the expert knowledge does not change. Although through the years the trends and designs have. Our highly trained horticulturalists will work with you on your project to ensure the best outcome both in plant compatibility for the environments and challenges you are faced with, along with ensuring maximum impact from the created landscape.

Design & Build

Design & Build

CONCEPT, CREATE & CONSTRUCT: Over the years we have designed and constructed the landscape's for many well respected international hotels, schools, nurseries, business parks as well as many private property developers. Our attention to detail and industry knowledge is key to the delivery of every successful project. From the concept to the completed project we pay particular attention to who will be living and working within the nurtured environments, creating the right landscape for each customer.

New Build Landscaping Projects


Thakeham Homes Ltd




Summer 2018


Shanly Homes Ltd


West End Working


Autumn 2018


Berkeley Homes Ltd


Barnes Waterside Development


Summer 1998

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