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Our Services

Soft Landscaping is at the core of what we do operating in the New Build and Commercial Landscaping sectors serving the key strategic areas peripheral to central London including the Home Counties, Sussex and Kent

New Build Landscaping

Show Homes & Sales Centres

Archway Green will prepare designs that will be original, attractive and tailor made to specific property types and locations. We are able to support and enhance the saleability of your properties with high impact unique gardens

Plot Planting and Turfing

We understand the importance of first impressions and consequently our gardens are always designed with the intention of appealing to potential purchasers

Open Spaces & Infrastructure

Our services include the creation of all hard and soft landscapes to include tree and shrub planting; turfing; seeding; creation of wild flower meadows and drainage

Commercial Landscaping


Archway Green are experts in working with clients on specialised landscapes and wildlife mitigation schemes that promote biodiversity and protect wildlife. We have worked on many projects including SSSI designated habitats, natural ponds, wetland projects, rain gardens and reedbeds.

We have coordinated the requirements for protecting habitats to halt biodiversity loss and support healthy well functioning ecosystems with more better places for nature and the benefit of wildlife and people whilst balancing the commercial constraints of our clients.

Roof Gardens

Archway Green have created a number of commercial roof gardens in and around London, providing an area where employees can relax and enjoy the city views. Roof Gardens are also a way to break and soften the outlook from high rise buildings.  One of our most sought-after urban garden designs is the rooftop terrace. It’s one of the few architectural features to combine glamour, serenity and practicality within city areas, not to mention simply providing an attractive and useable outdoor space, no matter what the building dimensions.

Community Outdoor Space

Our Concept, Create and Construct develops creative external environments for people at work. We recognise that balance is essential between improved employee productivity, human need to connect with their biophilic environment for colleagues to improve their work experience.

Work with Archway Green to develop and nurture an outdoor space that allows your colleagues to organise an al fresco meetings or a training session in the fresh air, take a phone call on lawn areas or discuss strategy in the shade of a tree or simply enjoy a lunch break or a cup of coffee in your communal outdoor space.