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Commercial Landscaping

We have worked with a number of blue chip building contractors on major construction projects throughout the London and the South East. Our reputation as a company which offers professional installation of designs and delivering value in the completion of projects.


Archway Green are experts in working with clients on specialised landscapes and wildlife mitigation schemes that promote biodiversity and protect wildlife. We have worked on many projects including SSSI designated habitats, natural ponds, wetland projects, rain gardens and reedbeds.

We have coordinated the requirements for protecting habitats to halt biodiversity loss and support healthy well functioning ecosystems with more better places for nature and the benefit of wildlife and people whilst balancing the commercial constraints of our clients.


Roof Gardens

Archway Green have created a number of commercial roof gardens in and around London, providing an area where employees can relax and enjoy the city views. Roof Gardens are also a way to break and soften the outlook from high rise buildings.  One of our most sought-after urban garden designs is the rooftop terrace. It’s one of the few architectural features to combine glamour, serenity and practicality within city areas, not to mention simply providing an attractive and useable outdoor space, no matter what the building dimensions.

Community Outdoor Space

Our Concept, Create and Construct develops creative external environments for people at work. We recognise that balance is essential between improved employee productivity, human need to connect with their biophilic environment for colleagues to improve their work experience.

Work with Archway Green to develop and nurture an outdoor space that allows your colleagues to organise an al fresco meetings or a training session in the fresh air, take a phone call on lawn areas or discuss strategy in the shade of a tree or simply enjoy a lunch break or a cup of coffee in your communal outdoor space.

Guarantee & Maintain

At Archway green we recognise the importance of presentation and high standards of maintainance on-going. To ensure we maximise the customers first impressions of your development, Archway Green has developed a unique method in the industry and are offering a 12 month guarantee. This guarantee offers complete peace of mind, we will maintain the landscapes ensuring that the presentation and aesthetics of your development are maximised.

If a maintenance contract is taken out with archway Green we will guarantee all workmanship, including the planting of trees, plants, shrubs, turf and bulbs against defects for a period of 12 months on the completion of plots, phases and packages.

Be it an area where the turf is deteriorated, perhaps the edge of a path or an odd plant that fails due to reasons other than stated in our Terms & Conditions, Archway Green will replace or rectify free of charge.

Working with archway Green will provide you with the peace of mind that your project has been delivered accoring to your expectations, our aim is to be the landscaper of choice and to “Put The Stripes Back In The Lawn”, bringing the highest quality of workmanship and finish to each and every project.


Commercial Landscaping Projects


Beard Construction


Goodwood Aerodrome


Summer 2018


Barker & Stonehouse


New Guildford Store


Winter 2017


Maintenance Grounds Direct


Camberley Audi Garage


Summer 2005

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