Commercial Landscaping

We work alongside blue-chip building contractors on major construction projects throughout the UK. We are proud of our reputation as a company that delivers value in the completion of projects through our professional installation of innovative designs.

Podiums & Roof Gardens

City views and relaxing outdoor spaces made possible with Roof Gardens and Podiums, we work with you to blend the harsh lines of cityscapes with the nature of plants.

Community Outdoor Spaces

Reconnecting with nature in Urban and Commercial environments has helped our clients improve employee productivity levels and overall wellbeing.

Urban Landscaping

We are able to develop creative solutions that enhance surroundings, improve or maintain natural features and revitalise unsightly areas.

We’re proud to soft-landscape in a variety of different commercial sectors including:



Commercial Offices


Nursing Homes and Assisted Living



Public Open Spaces


Schools, Colleges and Institutes

Tree-Rooting Solutions and Systems

Our solutions help to marry the needs of the built environment and the arboricultural needs of the trees.

Working with tree pit requirements we ensure the correct size of the pit and access of soil to ensure your trees thrive. In addition we utilise urban root management solutions to avoid pavement or road heave.

The RootSpace soil cell system helps to replicate the forest scenario by providing the tree with the uncompacted, aerated soil that’s crucial to it’s long term health.

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