What are the benefits of a commercial landscape maintenance service?
PUBLISHED 21 Mar, 2021

Why invest in landscape maintenance services?

By their nature, commercial landscapes are designed to increase the marketability and profit margins for businesses, and soft landscaping is often the first chance to create a professional impression with clients or the public. A commercial landscape maintenance service ensures that your landscape is always in tip-top condition, ready to bolster your brand and reputation.

An unkempt landscape is never going to reflect well on a company.

Whether your landscapes are for residential properties and show homes, public open spaces or buildings, or commercial offices, it is important that they work to sell your offering. An unkempt landscape is never going to reflect well on a company. Of course, landscape architects worth their salt will be able to work with you to design a low-maintenance environment – but low maintenance does not mean no maintenance.

A beautifully maintained landscape provides a first glimpse of professionalism for clients. Photo by Romanzaiets

Maintenance requires a significant investment of time, along with consistency and – depending on your landscape – expertise. That’s why employing experts who can work with you for a personalised plan is often the best option.

What do commercial landscape maintenance services provide?

Commercial landscape maintenance covers a multitude of services, from routine weed killing, grass cutting and hedge maintenance to site rejuvenation and remedial works. It is important to discuss your development’s needs in detail with your maintenance team so that the tasks – and frequency with which they are undertaken – are in keeping with your expectations and requirements. The types of services tend to fall into three main categories: general maintenance, show home maintenance and remedial works.

General maintenance services include hedge clipping, shrub trimming, lawn mowing and leaf litter removal among other tasks. Photo by Rido81

General maintenance

General landscape maintenance is likely to include grass cutting, shrub trimming, hedge cutting, leaf clearance, autumn lawn care, leaf litter removal, and irrigation. In addition, general maintenance will help to keep your environment free of pests and weeds.

Landscape maintenance is hard and often painstaking work, and attention must be paid to the details – like manually the grass a mower can’t reach! Photo by Romanzaiets .

While many of these jobs are simple and routine, they are also labour intensive and time consuming. Expert maintenance teams will be able to use highly efficient equipment – and the practised skill gained by long hours of experience – to complete these tasks in the most time-efficient (and therefore cost-effective) way.

A specialised landscape maintenance team will also go the extra mile, undertaking by hand fiddly jobs in areas that machines cannot easily reach, such as the area around tree trunks. It’s quite incredible how much difference these finishing touches make to the overall aesthetic of a landscape.

Show house maintenance

In addition to the general tasks for the maintenance of an attractive landscape, show houses need a few extra touches – after all, they’re the focal point for sales and help prospective buyers to imagine their own homes and gardens. This direct correspondence with sales and marketability makes investing in a commercial maintenance service particularly valuable – and arguably, vital – for show homes.

Typical additional services for show homes might include feeding lawns and re-barking beds. Furthermore, seasonal bedding plants will often be added for a colourful, cosy atmosphere, while more permanent areas of planting will be reviewed, and renewed or enhanced as necessary.

A landscape maintenance service can provide aesthetic appeal in show home beds and borders using bright seasonal bedding plants. Photo by Romanzaiets

Remedial works and site rejuvenation

Unfortunately, some contractors do not have the highest standards of quality assurance. When a landscape has been left in a poorly maintained condition, or stock has failed, remedial works may be necessary.

A superior and trustworthy landscape maintenance provider will be able to audit your sites against plant specifications and identify any underlying quality assurance issues. It is often possible to employ service providers for emergency repairs for a quick turnaround and recovery in your development’s environment.

Remedial services can be a life – or brand – saver.

While this is a situation all businesses hope to avoid, because the costs are inevitably higher, remedial services can be a life – or brand – saver. It’s also a state of affairs less likely to arise when a landscape maintenance service is regularly employed.

Remedial works can never be guarded against entirely – the depredations of severe weather conditions, wildlife and time can all mean a site needs a little more sprucing up than usual from time to time.

What are the benefits of commercial landscape maintenance services?

  • Saving money

While this may sound counter-intuitive, there are in fact many ways that a timely investment could save your business money. Firstly, it means that there are no outlays for the purchase, storage and transportation of the many any various items of equipment required for maintenance (everything from mowers and shears to weed killer and fertilizer). The same applies to the removal of unwanted detritus from the landscape.

Besides this, however, regular professional maintenance by experienced plantsmen will also mean less loss of stock and fewer expensive replacement plants required.

Regular irrigation is a crucial element of lawn maintenance.
Photo by Edophoto

Regular maintenance means your landscape will always be client-ready.

  • Outdoor activity

There are two sides to this coin, but both can be seen as reasons to choose a landscape maintenance service. Outdoor spaces are becoming ever more vital as a selling point, in all walks of life, so providing well-tended areas for workers to eat lunch, children to play or the public to exercise will pay dividends.

On the other hand, regular footfall incurs more lawn damage. And here your trusty landscape maintenance team will save the day. A proper lawn maintenance regimen will mitigate much of the damage and repair the rest so that the landscape remains attractive year-round.

A stylishly manicured environment will pay dividends, making a landscape maintenance service a worthwhile investment. Photo by Romanzaiets.
  • Attracting customers and clients

This is, without doubt, one of the biggest benefits of a regular landscape maintenance service. Regular maintenance means your landscape will always be client-ready, even in the trickier seasons. Whether you’re trying to woo potential house-buyers, win a tender, or attract business to your commercial offices, a beautifully manicured landscape sends a message of high standards and professionalism.

Between them, these benefits add up to:

  • Boosting your brand

Properties with well-kept lawns, well-shaped shrubs and trees, and stunning seasonal flowers, gain a significant boost in worth – curb appeal tends to translate to actual value. And brands who maintain the stripes on their lawns bask in the same reflected glory.

To the team at Archway Green, landscape maintenance is as important as landscape design, which is why we offer premium and bespoke ongoing landscape maintenance services once a development is complete. You can contact our experts for some friendly advice or further information if you’re ready to invest in the future of your landscapes.

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